Soundfly Review 2022 | The Best Online Courses for Producers?

Soundfly Review 2022 | The Best Online Courses for Producers?

In 2022, producing your own original music is easier than ever. If we rewind even a few decades the concept of producing an album from a home studio would have seemed near impossible. Today, artists such as Billie Eilish are creating platinum records from the comfort of their bedroom.

But where can we actually learn the skills to create high-quality, professional music?

With Soundfly, you can take in-depth online courses from professional producers, vocalists and songwriters to sharpen your skillset and level up your music production.

Soundfly courses range from detailed Ableton Live tutorials and piano lessons to songwriting workshops and music marketing courses. We’ve had the chance to take a deep dive into these available courses, so lets take a closer look at what Soundfly has to offer.


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What does Soundfly offer?

How does it work?

Course Examples

Is it worth it?

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Soundfly Review 2022 | The Best Online Courses for Producers? Available courses

What does Soundfly offer?

Soundfly offers an eclectic mix of courses depending on what you are looking to achieve. At the moment they have over 40 individual courses separated into 5 categories.

If you’re looking to “try before you buy”, Soundfly also offer several free courses, including a 3-series music theory course, a music royalty-collecting guide and more!

The 5 categories of Soundfly courses are:






Each category includes a range of lessons dedicated to developing specific aspects of your music skillset.

Many of the Soundfly courses are created by professional, well-known musicians and songwriters. For example, by taking the course “Vocal Creativity, Arranging, & Production”, you can learn from grammy-winning pop artist Kimbra how to harness the full creative potential of your voice in your music. Kimbra is best known for her stunning vocal performance on the 2011 hit “Somebody That I Used To Know”. Other artists include Com Truise, Jlin and RJD2.

How Does It Work?

In order to access all the available content on Soundfly you need a premium subscription. This can be monthly ($39 per month) or annually ($234 for the year). In our opinion this is fantastic value for money if you’re serious about improving your production skills.

Browsing the available courses is incredibly intuitive and clearly designed to make the content feel as accessible as possible. Before beginning a specific course, you can preview a detailed course outline, a recommended timeline and further information.

Each one contains a variety of video tutorials (with accompanying text for additional information), graphics, text, activities, demos, quizzes and more. This was a huge highlight for us as many online courses fall into the trap of sticking to one type of content only, such as an e-book or a video-only course. This can often hinder the learning experience, and people tend to take in information more effectively when it’s presented through a range of learning materials.

Plus, the individual lessons can be taken at your own pace. There are no course start dates and no time limits. Whether you want to blow through a course in a couple of days, or stretch it over a number of weeks, you get total control over your learning experience.

Soundfly also offers an engaging, 1-to-1 Custom Membership Program. Within this program you get a personal membership plan based on your individual goals, video calls and professional feedback, and guided activities on Soundfly courses to help you on your journey. Soundfly offers membership programs for both members and non-members (non-member prices: 4 weeks = $499, 6 weeks = $649 or member prices: 4 weeks = $375, 6 weeks = $487).

Plus, Soundfly’s Slack community allows you to engage and reach out to other producers who are taking the same courses as you.

Course Examples

In order to give a more comprehensive review of Soundfly, we enrolled in 2 paid Soundfly courses.

Soundfly Review 2022 | Kimbra course
Kimbra: Vocal Creativity, Production And Arranging 

Kimbra is a New Zealand singer and songwriter who mixes classic pop vocals with R&B, jazz and rock styles. In her course she gives valuable insight into her songwriting, arranging and production process, as well as her own vocal techniques.

The course focuses on 4 key elements:

• Developing Your Singing: Discover new timbres, personalities, and positions to support your voice.

• Write Interesting Melodies & Lyrics: Learn how Kimbra approaches melody and lyric writing with tips and techniques.

• Use the Voice as an Instrument: Learn how to do much more than just lead vocals with your voice, adding complexity and interest to your arrangements.

• Produce Beautiful Vocal Tapestries: Learn how Kimbra treats and effects her vocal parts to create thick vocal stacks and creative flourishes.

The majority of the content is video based, and Kimbra has a extremely engaging and captivating way of presenting her ideas. There is also a huge amount of accompanying text and graphics throughout the course as well. In the video tutorials, Kimbra walks through various vocal techniques such as warm-ups and different ways to engage your entire body while singing. She also shows real-time examples of her songwriting techniques, such as singing “gibberish” in order to discover new and interesting melodies.

Most importantly, Kimbra is able to present technical, advanced concepts in a beginner-friendly, accessible way.

The course is separated into 8 sections, and at the end of each section you are given various milestone challenges in order to implement what you’ve learnt. These challenges expand on the lessons while also allowing you to explore and experiment with applying the various methods that Kimbra talked about.

Soundfly Review 2022 | The Best Online Courses for Producers?
RJD2 Course
RJD2: From Samples To Songs 

When he first hit the scene with his acclaimed 2002 album Deadringer, sampling artist and innovator RJD2 proved that it was possible to make infectious instrumental hip-hop beats for a wide audience without the need for a singer or MC.

The course focuses on 4 key elements:

• Learn to Capture & Manipulate Samples: Learn how RJD2 finds, samples, and edits source material to create new song ideas.

• Pick Up New Arranging Techniques: Learn how RJ develops the kernel of an idea into a full song.

• Dive Into RJ’s Tracks: Watch RJ take apart some of his most well-known tracks and show how he made them.

• Discover RJ’s Creative Process: Explore RJ’s influences, inspiration, and creative process as he constantly pushes himself in new ways.

Here at Producer Sphere we are sampling fanatics, and believe it opens up a entire universe of creative possibilities to producers. In this course RJD2 delves into the history and background of sampling, as well as detailed guides to transforming samples in unique and inspiring ways.

Just like Kimbra’s course, at the end of each section you are given various challenges to experiment with the ideas taught in the lessons. These include a crate-digging challenge, creating a loop-based hip hop beat and more.

Whether you’re someone with limited sampling experience, or an advanced producer looking to sharpen your skills, this course offers a ton of value and is well-worth a go.

Is it worth it?

Finally, we come to the most important question: is Soundfly actually worth the money?

Absolutely! For a reasonably affordable monthly price, Soundfly offers a unique range of courses that basically pay for themselves.

I’d say overall the courses skew more towards the music production side of things. For example, if you’re a musician wanting to learn a new instrument, you may be better looking elsewhere. However, if you’re looking to improve your production, engineering or song composition, Soundfly should be on the top of your list.

The accessibility of the courses is particularly impressive. Soundfly allows you to instantly dive into any course and focus on the lessons that are important to you. Each course is immensely detailed, breaking down advanced topics and techniques in an instantly accessible manner. Regardless of where you are in your music production journey, a Soundfly membership could be what you need to take your music to a whole new level.

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Course Quality

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Range of courses

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Value for Money

Rating: 5 out of 5.


• Price: Monthly- 39$ per month / Annual- 234$, which comes out to 19$ per month.

Montly price gives access to all courses

Easy, intuitive website navigation

Expert teachers

Additional mentorship program for direct learning

Set your own pace: no start dates, time limits or restrictions

Community chat rooms via Slack

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