Techivation Release The Innovative Compressor Plugin T-Compressor

British plug-in maker Techivation launches T-Compressor, their second major release since the T-De-Esser Pro. The team has focused to create an authentic, versatile, and easy-to-use audio compressor plug-in for modern productions. It offers an innovative and brand-new serial compression chain workflow.

We’ve spoken highly of Techivation plugin before, and their T-De-Esser plugin is one of the most accessible, intuitive de-esser tools out there in 2022.

Techivation released the T-De-Esser plug-in in 2021 and their focus was on creating an easy-to-use de-esser, that would help to create a musical and natural sound. And later in October, they released the T-De-Esser Pro, an improved version of T-De-Esser that isn’t just a tool for fixing audio, but also a creative tool for improving sound quality and giving the sound a distinctive personality.

The T-Compressor follows a similar goal as the T-De-Esser, by being super easy to use, and accurate, but with extra innovation and versatility involved. It is also more than just a compressor with its serial compression workflow and multiple compression modes. It is an essential handy tool, designed to shape any kind of sound in a pleasant way.

T-Compressor is available now in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX formats also as a free, fully functional 14-day trial.


• Serial Compression (Up to 3 instances in one plugin, same interface)
• 4 Compression Modes (Clean, Crispy, Warm, Thick)
• Oversampling up to 4X.
• GUI scale from 80% to 150%
• VU Meter and Digital Graph
• Smart Auto Gain, Input, and Output controls
• Undo/redo and A/B comparison


T-Compressor is now available for an introductory offer of 39 USD. Owners of T-De-Esser Pro get a special loyalty offer of 29 USD until April 30th. After that, the plug-in sells for 49 USD. A bundle of both T-De-Esser Pro and T-Compressor will also be available at $69 until April 30th.

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